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Hello World, thanks for looking in ...

Splash Business Group was first registered as a business name around 2003 then became a company in 2005. It was the follow-on from Splash Marketing, a business that had begun in Sydney re-emerged in Far North Queensland, with some very bumpy beginnings.   It encompassed all that we did between 1996 and 2010, e.g. Marketing Graphics ad Web Design Studios, a Fabric Structure Reseller-ship, even a go at some Fisheries Projects.

29 years is too long to tell the full story here ...   the dramas, joys, successes, failures and interesting characters that have passed through Splash doors in that time.   

Unfortunately, some fraudulent activities led to Splash being put on hold for about 5 years in a kind of Mexican stand off - it was a very interesting time, perhaps the biggest learning curve of my business life about people and their ethics.  Thanks to the help of ASIC and the ATO, plus a sudden departure of the previous Director the company fell back into Pauline Douglas hands - with an option to pursue the theft of an estimated $35 Million of business by a group of surprising high profile individuals.

But Covid-19 came along!  

This is only delayed until we can travel - in the meantime we are preparing for criminal proceedings and hope to get the support of ASIC and their legal team with the intent of setting a few new precedents that will help to protect unsecured directors and shareholders from rogue directors and their financial supporters.    Commercial Law does not protect the ignorant (ignorance is no excuse) but this is totally ridiculous as the ACCC and ASIC where developed for this purpose.   The majority of start ups are funded by friends, family members and other well wishing supporters of the business creators and the neglected system shirks responsibility and trains corrupt operators.

You would not believe what this group has been up to, and you will not believe who they are either.

I would love to hear from any others whom have had similar experiences.

This year - as a result of Covid-19 and a proposed sale looming for our Construction presences and our entire series of Splash names and domains, Splash Marketing has moved off into its own world in readiness to resume marketing and technology services. The sale means we have new names in readiness for when that occurs.

In the meantime, its business as usual.

Splash continues to retain presences in Sydney Brisbane Hervey Bay (Torquay) Australia plus planned International presences in 2022.


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